Equality Vs Equity

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你喜歡哪個呢?選 Liberation 的人,恐怕要等到機器人統治世界後,所有資源都降到幾乎不用成本時(也就是圍籬不見了),才能實現。Egalitarianism (平等主義)嚮往的世界是 Equity,然而,在真實世界的 Equity 理論實踐造成了人們懶墯,導致了均貧的狀態。而在現代的社會,主流正義是努力做到 equality,起點平等。然而,下面的影片解釋了「起點平等」本質上也是有問題的:

Statistical Learning, Portl, Thorndike’s Puzzle Box

This PORTL experiment is much like the Thorndike’s Cat
The cat learn by trial & error
statistical learning might be the mechanism behind, which claims the target memory is recorded along with timestamp and recalled through calculation of the frequency inside our brain.