Whether:無論 / 是否 / 是a 或 b

whether A or B:是 A 或 B

「擬人化」,轉變成一個名詞子句去當做「受詞」viral 病毒的
  • Whether she likes green or blue is not important.(粗體字表示把「喜歡哪種顏色」這件事擬人化了,當作主詞來使用)
  • She didn’t know whether he was laughing or crying.(粗體字表示把「是笑還是哭」擬人化了,當作受詞來用)
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BBE 追求「動態個體化」教育:dynamic individulized education style

Best Banana English 致力於追求嶄新, 完美的「英語」學習體驗,而引導我們前進,最重要的明燈,便是 FLOW 理論!其強調的按個體差異化來調整學習活動,不僅能為學習者帶來巨大的成就感,更在能在腦科學的層面上,強化腦部記憶神經的聯結,提高學習的效率,請參考:


  • The ideal English drilling model of BBE is based on the theory of FLOW which features individualized learning style.
  • It is because of the high cost of the FLOW implementation that classrooms nowadays remain the lecture-style pedagogy leading to “learned helpless” on a massive scale.
  • It has been kicked off to integrate technology into learning & teaching process to reduce the cost of individualized education in America by Khan Academy.
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