Intelligence forging

Using English to learn the world leads to narcolepsy-like learning condition resulted by drastically brain oxygen consuming. That is, students use their brains overwhelmly learning in English, which alludes to intense intelligence training.

It’s so good to learn English

Learning English involves 80% of the time watching videos, reading novels or even playing games! Just like an infant acquiring language sense, you’ve got to immerse yourself in tons of English input.

That way, you learn English along with FUN while gaining more and more powerful COMPETITIVENESS, especially in Asia where English matters. Just think about it, if you are an American, it doesn’t benefit so much from Learning a second language like Chinese as we Asians do. Even worse, there would be much less fun learning sources than those free English materials galore on the internet.

think about, think of 英文的意思和用法

think about sth 想想看
think about doing sth 想想看
think about 5w1h 想想看
think about it 想想看

think of

think of a situation like this 想像
think of a situation in which 想像
think of 想像
think of as 認為(


  • think about sth -> [bb w=”think about”][/bb]
  • think about doing -> [bb w=”think about”][/bb]
  • think about 5w1h -> [bb w=”think about”][/bb]
  • think about it -> [bb w=”think about it”][/bb]