Probability, Possibility, Chance, Likelyhood, Odds 可能性(英文的意思和用法

機率,生活用語常常用到。然而按照英語的習慣,愈是常用的字「潛規則」愈多!例如影片中提到 Probably 和 Possibly 的微妙差異:「Probably means there’s a good chance. Possibly means we might or we might not.」

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eat crow, eat dirt

eat crow 承認錯誤(積極地接受屈辱
eat dirt 忍氣吞聲(消極地接受屈辱

bite my tongue 忍住不說

It goes without saying that the moderator’s job is to moderate. Paraphrasing a question can be useful, to make sure it was heard and to validate your understanding. But let the panelists answer even if you have to bite your tongue.