Fronting, Inversion 倒裝(從最易到最難!

negative opening inversion:

Hardly had I got into bed when the telephone rang.
Never had she seen such a beautiful sight before.
Seldom do we see such an amazing display of dance.
Rarely will you hear such beautiful music.
Only then did I understand why the tragedy had happened.
Not only does he love chocolate and sweets but he also smokes.
No sooner had we arrived home than the police rang the doorbell.
Scarcely had I got off the bus when it crashed into the back of a car.
Only later did she really think about the situation.
Nowhere have I ever had such bad service.
Little did he know!
Only in this way could John earn enough money to survive.
In no way do I agree with what you’re saying.
On no account should you do anything without asking me first.
Not until Not until I saw John with my own eyes did I really believe he was safe.
Not since Not since Lucy left college had she had such a wonderful time.
Only after Only after I’d seen her flat did I understand why she wanted to live there.
Only when Only when we’d all arrived home did I feel calm.
Only by Only by working extremely hard could we afford to eat.

Conditioning inversion

Should he remember his own name, we’ll be able to help him.(萬一,表示他是可能記得的!
Were he to push the button, we would all have problems. (用 were 表示與事實相反,表示「要是…就好了」
Had I been there, this problem wouldn’t have happened.


On the table was all the money we had lost.
Around the corner came the knights.
Here comes the knights.


So delicious was the food that we ate every last bite.