relevant, associate, tie, connect, link, pertain, relation, have sth to do 相關(英文的用法

relevant to 密切相關的( 甚至達到有利益關係
irrelevant to 毫不相干( deluge 洪水, eulogy 稱頌
ties to 羈絆
tie up sth with sth 綁起來
pertain to 涉及(
pertaining to
associate 聯想(在心裡將其相關連結
associated with 間接相關的(
related to 直接相關( 常常加 directly
related 同種的(可被分類為一種的
relation between 關係(較為深入的討論
in relation to 與…有關
relationship 相關性(強調關係本身時使用,本句 strong 在描述 relation 連結本身的強度
relationship 人際關係( in relationship with 是指「和…交往」
have sth/nth to do with 有些關係
link/connect sth to 連接(
link/connection between 關連(表面的關連