however, having said that, that said, on a second thought, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand/flip side, alternatively, at the same time, even so 然而,話說回來,從另一個方面來說,即便如此

however 然而( menopause 停經,由正轉負
having said that 話說回來( = however = that said
on a second thought
then again 話又說回來
nevertheless 然而(由負轉正,放句中是更高段的寫法喔!hostile 敵意的
nonetheless 然而( = nevertheless
on the other hand 在另一方面(提出平行的論點
on one hand (搭配使用

on the other hand 替代語

on the flip side
from another point of view 從其他觀點來看( on the other hand 替代用語
a second/third … 另一個(
alternatively 或者(通常在講方案時使用
on the plus side正面來說
at the same time 同時
even so 即便如此