more to the point, beside the point, the point is that, to the point, most importantly, the bigger question is, just as importantly 重點(英文的意思與用法

and more to the point 更重要的 (增點論點)
or, more to the point:更精準的說(修飾原論點)
beside the point 不重要
the point is that 重點是(或者是 my point is
to the point 切中要點
stick to the point 抓緊重點( digress 離題
what is the point of 意義是什麼(具攻擊性,請小心使用 ,暗指 pointless
most importantly 最重要的(pc 百分之,也就是 percent 的縮寫,tonne 公頓
most importantly 最重要的
the bigger question is 5w1hf 更大的問題是(
the bigger question is colon更大的問題是
just as importantly 同樣重要的是