Frequency 頻率副詞

for good = forever
the whole time 一直(比 always 更高一級 take a joyride 偷車兜風
this entire time 這全部的過程中(意思和 the whole time 一樣,不過利用 this 將範圍縮小到剛剛談的事情
all the time = always(只放句尾
more often than not = usually/frequently(放句首時只說 usually 感覺不夠美,就要用這個片語,本新聞強調說謝謝時要指出到底在謝什麼
half the time 有一半的機會
from time to time = sometimes = at times
in some cases 在某些狀況下
once in a while = occasionally / seldom (unbridled 無韁轡的,不受控制的,
at no time = never(常用在否定句的倒裝