in brief/in short, simply put, in a nutshell, all in all, to sum up, in conclusion, in the end, at the end of the day, so again, then again

in brief 概要來說(就是講 summary

in short 簡短地說

in a nutshell 一句話來說

simply put 簡單來說

all in all 總之 (

So again 所以又回到主題(用於小段落的總結

Then again 所以再一次

to sum up 總結來說

to sum up sth 總結

taken together / altogether 綜上所述

at the end of the day 最後,總的來說(slang

in the end 最後,結果,總的來說(正式

in conclusion 總結來說(非常正式,用於大作文的最後