best of all, worst of all, best yet, worst yet, even better, even worse, adj still, to make things (even) better, adding fuel to the fire, add insult to injury, in the best / worst case scenario, if worst comes to worst

best of all 最棒的是
worse of all 最糟的是
best yet 還有最棒的是
worst yet 還有最糟的是
even better 更棒的是
adj still 然而更好的( 這個用法是用來強話比較的語氣,better still 常常加 or 來做另一個建議
adj still 然而更困難的(這個用法是用來強話比較的語氣,
even more adj 甚至更…的(長的比較級要用 even more/less 來強調
to make things even better 讓事情更好的是
to make things even worse 讓事情更糟的是
adding fuel to the fire 讓事情更糟的是
adding fuel to the fire is the fact that 讓事情更糟的是
add insult to injury 雪上加霜
in the best case scenario 在最好的狀況下
in the worst case scenario 在最壞的狀況下
if worst comes to worst 最糟最糟的狀況下(通常後面加 and描述狀況