following up on, the following, as follows, as shown below, like this, as … indicates, referring to, aforementioned, forgoing, above, earlier, previous 如前、如下所述 (英語的用法和意思

following up on 緊跟著
the following sth 下方的…
the following 下方的東西(這是 the + adj 的用法
as follows 如下(冒號分號用法
as follows 如下(句號與 list 用法
like this 像這樣
as shown in the following sth(插入用法
as shown below 如下所示
as shown right 如右圖
as the chart indicates 如圖表指出

Previous / Next 前後

presented in the previous 前面提到的
as + discussed/mentioned/described/pointed out/provided + above/earlier 如前所述
in the next chapter 下一章
in the forthcoming sections 在下幾節裡
the following is 接下來是
chart/diagram/table provided 提供的圖表
aforementioned 前述的( quarantine 隔離 constipation 便密
foregoing 之前的( exhaustive 徹底的