Agree on VS to VS with 同意,大不同!(英文的意思和用法

agree on/to/with 的意思差異極大,然而即使是字典,也都沒有令我滿意的解釋。本文於 wordreference 遇到一個不錯的說法,找來新聞文章交差比對的結果,個人認為相當正確,特此留下學習記錄。P.S. 本文避免利用「同意」這兩個字來說明,以免讀者將同字不同義的東西搞混。

agree with sb 認為某人是對的

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English Eduction Now, and of Tomorrow

Students in Taiwan utilize English for nothing but tests

The questionnaire asking, “For now, what do you majorly utilize English for?” reports that almost everyone only uses it for assignments or tests in school, as well as passing the test of English certification. The scale of this question, “For now, I majorly utilize English majorly for tests,” shows a desperate result–6.5 out of 7.